While choosing a gaming laptop

While choosing a gaming laptop

Gaming laptops focus on gamers who look for a gadget that provides a pure experience of gaming. They are not targeted at everyone. There are a number of companies such as Asus, HP, Razer, MSI, and Dell that have their facilities in the category of gaming laptop. But which one is the most excellent and what must you remember prior to purchasing a laptop. Here are some suggestions for you.

The right hardware (GPU + CPU)

High power games such as WatchDogs or Assassins Creed employ a huge amount of power and hence you require a computer that can manage them with complete ease. An i7 Intel core quad processor is mandatory if you are seeking for a lag-free experience for gaming. Some individuals who did not need to invest too much cash can go for a i5 dual core processor too. The i5 processor although might leave you feeling a little shortchanged so go for a device that has the i7 quad core processor.

Appropriate VRAM and RAM

What really counts is what is below the hood. After making sure that the CPU and GPU have enough capability and power, select a laptop that provides higher VRAM and RAM. Claiming the obvious, your gaming experience will be better on the laptop if the RAM is more. A gaming device with 8 GB RAM must do the trick but do not negotiate for anything less than 8 GB.

Bright and solid Display

1920 x 1080, which is the least resolution one must seek for in a gaming device. There are top-end devices with 4K (3840 x 2160) or QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution but they do have a costly label. For example, the gaming laptop MSI Titan has 4K display and has a price tag of almost Rs 3.35 Lakh.

So friends, start hunting for the new gaming device.

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