Few Hours After Its Release, Google Chrome Installer App Was Pulled Off From Microsoft Store

It was a bit surprise for Windows users when the Chrome Installer app was released on the Microsoft Store by Google. However, Microsoft did not allow the list last too long and pulled off the application immediately hours after its roll out. Microsoft, in a statement, mentioned breach of its store policies as the cause for pulling off the Chrome Installer application.

The application had only provided a readdress to the Chrome browser’s download link, on the website of Google. The complete browser is not accessible for download from the Store of Microsoft, ruining stuff for the users of Windows 10 S who are restricted to simply the Microsoft Store for installation of the application.

Google Chrome Installer App

A spokesperson for Microsoft, in a statement, clarified the judgment to take away the application from the Microsoft Store. He said, “We have pulled off the Google Chrome Installer Application from the Microsoft Store, because it defies our Microsoft Store rules,” mentioning that applications should “offer distinct and unique value,” and that the company hails “Google to develop a Microsoft Store browser application acquiescent with our Microsoft Store regulations.”

Google Chrome is rooted in the Blink rendering engine of Google, whereas the browser applications on the Microsoft Store should make use of JavaScript and HTML engines presented by Windows 10. Not many Windows 10-based machines operate on Windows 10 S, rendering Google less motive to design a separate application for the Microsoft Store.

It is being considered that a new Chrome Installer application has been issued by Google in an attempt to take on counterfeit third-party applications that impersonate the Chrome browser on the Store. Since long, Google and Microsoft have been combating the browser war. Last year, in August, Windows 10 had asked users to drop Google Chrome and shift to Edge.

Microsoft, this year, in April, had asserted that Edge browser provides over 2 Hours more battery life compared to Google Chrome.

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