Users Found Google Duo Operating On Handsets That Do Not Have The App Installed

Users Found Google Duo Operating On Handsets That Do Not Have The App Installed

It seems to appear like Google is aiming to bring its app of Google Duo or its function to more handsets for even those who do not wish the app to be installed. A consumer on Reddit lately found that his smartphone was making an attempt to make a Duo call to a device of Nexus 6P, although the handset did not have app of Duo downloaded on it.

Consumers additionally claimed that it was achievable to make a Duo call to the smartphone of Nexus 6P. It was stated that Google Duo displayed a sudden increment in consumers in the list that displayed those who already have Duo set up in their smartphones. “I have my recent call (only one for now) and below that is the combined list. Like a week ago I had about 10 people…now, I have about 30. No way that many people signed up in a week,” claimed a consumer. This might be owing to the app now being a part of Google Play Services or being an Instant App.

“Duo will be a default service for calling on all handsets running on Android along with Google services,” claimed wgn_luv, a Reddit consumer. Some even cited that it arrives as a fraction of the stock dialer and allows consumers call non-Google Duo consumers. After the call concludes, they might see a notification to download the app.

“I can’t be for sure. He had a notification icon pop up (the duo icon) then it went full screen with my face on his phone. I’d have to look at that Notification before I can confirm (I assume it would say Google play services instead of Duo),” claimed a user.

Speaking of Google apps, the newest app of the search behemoth to roll out is Google Pay, as per the sources.

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