Mobile App Malware Of ICICI Not A Danger To Users

Mobile App Malware Of ICICI Not A Danger To Users

ICICI Bank, the biggest private sector lender, this week virtually recognized the attendance of a virus in its application of mobile banking, but underplayed its effect on its users. “Whatsoever we have witnessed, the malware appears to be not very major,” B Madhivanan, digital and chief technology officer of the bank, claimed to the media on a conference call this week.

The admission arrives days after Quickheal, a Pune-located cyber security company, had alerted lenders of the attendance of a malware in the apps of mobile banking operating on Android, the popular operating system. “Anyone who needs to trade their anti-malware type of goods, they have the right to endlessly test and convey it in,” Madhivanan claimed to the media. He further retorted to the alert from the anti-virus manufacturer last week. As per media reports, Quickheal had discovered a malware that duplicates more than 200 applications, comprising some provided by most of local banks.

The malware is spread via a false flash player application and can eventually trick the consumer into sharing her/his login password and details for any of the 232 apps, if they are installed on the handset. The cyber security company requested consumers not to install any apps from links provided in SMSs/emails or from 3rd-party stores to keep their data safe, as per reports from media.

“There is always someone or the other who is making an attempt to hack, and that is how this whole globe of cyber criminals operates. But given the multilevel safeties that we have placed in position, we think we are very competent of defending it inside our complete financial structure,” Madhivanan claimed. He claimed that in its 10 Years of history, the mobile banking of the bank, which was the first such app to be rolled out by any bank, has not had even once met incident of a technological breach that has harmed users.

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