Passenger Drones A Massive Opportunity Says Minister Jayant Sinha

“Passenger Drones” A Massive Opportunity Says Minister Jayant Sinha

“Passenger Drones” A Massive Opportunity Says Minister Jayant Sinha

Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, Jayant Sinha has said that the traveler or passenger drones can help decongest the disappointed situation of the city roads and students from the renowned institutions such as IITs could do a lot in developing such tools. The Minister, Mr. Sinha said while addressing the Techfest, which was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay on the weekend, the Govt. of India is working on making the rules and regulations for the drones’ sector that will help grow faster such technologies in the coming years.

The minister further said that drones are a massive prospect. Drones will also use the same electric motors and batteries like that of electric vehicles, but the only change is that they will be in the sky. He also added that the government is working on bringing in some set of regulations for drones that will help make the technology more broadminded and he observed that the drones are being used widely today for various applications like delivery, investigation and mapping among others. He also said that people are now occupied on creating passenger drones and India also need to develop their own technology to grab the massive opportunity in this space and if developed proficiently, the passenger drones service can be priced along the lines of fares of the autorickshaws. Drones are huge opportunity for inventions in the fields of electric vehicles and financial technology.

Mr. Sinha mentioned the example of the Aadhaar and BHIM payment app initiatives and said that financial technology is one area where there is immense scope for invention. India can develop such financial products and services that will create substantial companies. On the possibility of electric vehicles market, he said that India is the largest exporter of two-wheelers today.

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