Google Has New Strategies To Overtake Apple iPhones

Google Has New Strategies To Overtake Apple iPhones

Google has just concluded its acquirement deal for HTC Corp., which was valued at $1.1 Billion. Ever since the contract was declared in 2017, various reports cited that the Taiwanese tech company will assist Google have better management on its hardware. This should not be hard for HTC since it has already operated with Google for couple of its Pixel goods. On the other hand, the contract might also drive Google’s bid in vying with Apple by manufacturing its personalized processors with relative comfort.

Google hardware head, Rick Osterloh, in a statement to the media confirmed that extra custom silicon will be coming in the near future. The deal conveys more than 2000 handset experts in the kitty of the search giant, of which some might assist in designing custom chips. Google by now have the Pixel Visual Core, its initial custom processor, in newest Pixel handsets and we might witness more in 2018 or 2019.

Apple already has a load of custom chips that it employs in MacBooks, iPhones, Watch, iMacs, and even AirPods. Google might take on the same plan. On the other hand, both have yet not totally shifted to making the major “system on a chip” chips. While chips of Apple iPhone arrive from TSMC, most of the Android devices of Google get fueled by Qualcomm. If the search giant productively makes its own chip, it might turn out to be one of the largest threats to Qualcomm in the business of processors.

While there is no news if we will witness more personalized processors from Google in 2018 or not, a latest study unveiled that Apple is presently operating on a fresh co-chip for its Mac gadgets. The chip is claimed to make an entry in 3 Mac devices later in 2018, of which 1 is a desktop and 2 are MacBook laptops.

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