Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple might have hurried with its update of iOS 11.2 to fix the bug of “date.” Even though consumers received a peer-to-peer transaction system, Apple Pay Cash, as a fraction of the OS upgrade, they appear to have also got a fresh error for the similar function. iDrop News website has discovered a new error that allows consumers remove feature of Apple Pay Cash for iMessage but does not allow them to install it again.

The report claims that restarting the handset neither helps. The checking of the App Store does not give output. Disabling or enabling Apple Pay from the page of Settings does not resolve the problem. The service is claimed to operate good for Siri. The issue appears to be just for iMessage for Apple Pay Cash.

When getting in contact with Apple Support, the site was claimed that as Apple Pay is a fraction of the operating system, the only way consumers can get receive it back for iMessage is by totally wiping and restoring the OS.

We anticipate Apple to launch out a small update shortly. Seeing at the last records, the Cupertino-located tech company is fast with transporting fixes as it takes only a few days for them.

For those who are not aware, Apple Pay Cash function operates via Siri or with the iMessage app. Users will not require to download an individual app for this.

How to send cash in iMessage:

  • Open the app, begin a new chat or click on a current one.
  • Click on the default icon of App Store positioned on top of the keyboard.
  • Click on the icon of Apple Pay
  • Choose the amount you require to transport suing “-” and “+” icons.
  • Click on Pay.
  • To verify the transaction, consumers can make use of TouchID, FaceID, or passcode.

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