Samsung Introduces Largest Curved Monitor Of The World In India

Samsung Introduces Largest Curved Monitor Of The World In India

Samsung, the consumer electronics major, has rolled out the largest curved monitor of the world in India. The ultra-wide 49-inch curved monitor has a price label of Rs 150,000 and will be obtainable on all the top retail outlets and Samsung Shop in the nation. The ultra-wide 49-inch curved, OLED monitor has a fully fluid, bezel-free, and fast-paced field of sight. The firm states that it is developed for professionals since the big display makes it simpler to work.

Speaking of the gadget, VP for consumer electronics enterprise business of Samsung India Puneet Sethi claimed, “Samsung has always been at the vanguard of innovations that are targeted for users and the roll out of QLED Curved monitor is in proportion to that very pledge. An ideal companion for gaming enthusiasts and serious business professionals, the monitor is not only the largest in the segment, but also a style setter when it comes to technology and specifications.”

The device also sports Flicker Free Technology and Eye Saver Mode that improves comfort of the eye. This is ideal for professionals who require investing long period every day at their work places. The Eye Saver Mode of the device blocks wavelengths of Blue light that stimulate the retina more in comparison to what any other color does, in this manner lowering fatigue of eye.

The application of Easy Setting Box S/W on the desktop allows consumer partition the device into displays of different functional configurations and sizes for clever multitasking. Other functions comprise finer control, increased speed, and various input ports that make it simpler to link the device with any other device. The device bundles in HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that provides greater depth, contrast, and range to the color, permitting light areas to come into view as brighter and dark areas to come into view as darker.

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