Microsoft Eliminates Google’s Chrome From Its Store

Microsoft Eliminates Google’s Chrome From Its Store

A couple of days post confirmation from Microsoft that Apple iTunes will be arriving in 2018 to its Store, Google has transported its browser app of Chrome in the Windows Store. On the other hand, what was astonishing was that the search behemoth bundled the app for Windows 10 that automatically opened the download page of Chrome. This indicates that when a consumer of Windows 10 downloaded the app of Chrome onto the desktop, it took the user to the page for downloading the app of Chrome.

Afterwards, as posted by the website The Verge, Microsoft eliminated the app of Chrome from the Microsoft Store, claiming that it breached their rules. “We have eliminated the app of Google Chrome Installer from Microsoft Store, as it breaches our policies of Microsoft Store,” claimed the spokesperson of the company to The Verge. “We greet Google to make a browser app compatible with Microsoft Store and compliant with our policies of Microsoft Store.”

It is claimed that Google is doubtful to bring a complete-fledged application in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. This is due to the fact that the Store applications employ JavaScript and HTML engines offered by Microsoft itself. On the other hand, Google in its Chrome employs its own Blink interpretation engine.

In addition to this, a couple of days back, Microsoft declared that users of Windows 10 might have to stay for some more period to get Apple iTunes. “It has been time that we are operating with Microsoft to give the complete experience of iTunes to our users and we require a bit of more time to get it correct,” claimed a spokesperson of Apple to the media through an emailed statement.

Neither of the two tech behemoths have verified precisely when iTunes will be arriving to Microsoft Store. The absence of iTunes from the Microsoft will leave users of Windows 10 restricted to apps in the Store.

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