2 Lakh More IT Jobs To Be Created In 2018

2 Lakh More IT Jobs To Be Created In 2018

The year 2018 brings delightful news to the people who are either looking for a job change or are new job aspirants. 20% more employers will be hiring nearly 2 lakh IT employees in the upcoming year.

The recruitment process has stalled in the Indian market due to the rise in the adoption of the Artificial Intelligence or AI. As per the experts, up-skilling is the only way to enhance the hiring process during the transitory phase.

Mobile manufacturing, Fintech, and startups are affected in a great way with the automation technologies. As per Alka Dhingra, General Manager IT staffing Team Lease Services, the business growth is only possible with the enhancement of digitization, automation, and conductive investment ambiance. She further added that the hike in employment is due to the introduction of new employers in the said field.

The government is taking a fresh approach towards the digital technology that will create huge vacancies in AI and Robotics. In fact, AI has the capability to create more than 2.3 million jobs by 2020 across the globe.

The elevating need for the meaningful employee experience and digitized workplace leads to a higher competent employee retention and creation of challenging opportunities. Automation has also created newer positions in the offices. It is anticipated that by 2022, 9% of the total 600 million estimated workforces in India will be deployed in new jobs, which are non-existent till now.

The companies will design their business structure in a manner that will not only create job opportunities but will also change the entire job landscape.

Inductive and deductive reasoning remains unaffected with the advent of the automation and still tops the list of the most sought-after skills. Along with it, general management and marketing skills demand extreme reasoning and are highly critical. Hence, the scope of introducing automation in this field is nearly impossible.

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