Indian Man Finds This WhatsApp Emoji Offensive

Indian Man Finds This WhatsApp Emoji Offensive

A legal notice was sent to WhatsApp, a mobile massaging app widely used and available on all smartphones, by lawyer on Tuesday. The advocate who has sent the legal notice wants to the Messaging App developers to take down the emoji of “middle finger”. He has given a time of 15 days to the developers, saying that the emoji should be removed in 15 days.

Gurmeet Singh practices as a lawyer in the Delhi Court. He said, showing your middle finger to someone is not just obscene but it is also illegal. It is a very offensive gesture indeed to show your middle finger to someone in India.

Showing the middle finger to someone is not just offensive but it is also highly invasive, lewd, obscene, and aggressive gesture, said the advocate while giving the notice.

It is offensive to show offensive gesture to the women, as per Indian Penal Code Section 354 and 509. Using offensive gesture by anyone against any other person is illegal. It is also an offense in Ireland to show your middle finger to anyone according to section 6 of Act Of Criminal Justice, 1994, Gurmeet Singh said in his notice.

By including the middle finger emoji in an app, you are openly encouraging people to abuse other and helping them to use obscene, lewd and offensive gesture. This is the reason why Gurmeet Singh wants WhatsApp to immediately start working upon removing the emoji from the App. Emoji is a digital image small in size, which is used to express an emotion.

Gurmeet Singh said, “If the app fails to remove the emoji within time, he will file a criminal case against the app developers”.

E-HRMS—An Online Platform For Government Employees To Access All The Information

E-HRMS—An Online Platform For Government Employees To Access All The Information

The employees of the Central Government of India will enjoy the benefits of the online platform for accessing all their service related information. Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of the state launched the e-HRMS (electronic-Human Resource Management System) and observed the initiative as positive as the personnel is the ministry of public grievances and pensions.

Commenting on the occasion, Jitendra mentions that the new online portal will be of great benefit to the central government employees as they can have full access to their service-related information while claim various benefits like leave, loans, advances, reimbursement, tour, etc. The portal was launched with an aim to make the employees independent from the administration department for accessing or update of the data. The new program helps to quickly match and track the status of the details required.

The initiative is in order to digitalize the Human Resources Management process and system that helps keep a record of all the services like retiring to hiring on an automated mode while dispensing the traditional mode of personnel management process. Everything will be available on the dashboard while all the upgrading and claiming requests will be audited by senior personnel and will be liable to accurate accountability amongst all the government employees. The DOPT (Department of Personnel and Training) that carries all the employee related services in its e-service book launched in the month of March will be induced in the e-HRMS system. The minister further launched five modules of Twenty-five applications of the system.

The personal information included in the five modules has functions like employees updating their information, sanctioning and claiming of leaves. Another type of modules involves loans like advances, LTC (Leave Travel Concession), sanctioning of tour-related requests or allowances on the submission of the application.

Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple Confirms New Glitch That Related To Apple Pay Cash

Apple might have hurried with its update of iOS 11.2 to fix the bug of “date.” Even though consumers received a peer-to-peer transaction system, Apple Pay Cash, as a fraction of the OS upgrade, they appear to have also got a fresh error for the similar function. iDrop News website has discovered a new error that allows consumers remove feature of Apple Pay Cash for iMessage but does not allow them to install it again.

The report claims that restarting the handset neither helps. The checking of the App Store does not give output. Disabling or enabling Apple Pay from the page of Settings does not resolve the problem. The service is claimed to operate good for Siri. The issue appears to be just for iMessage for Apple Pay Cash.

When getting in contact with Apple Support, the site was claimed that as Apple Pay is a fraction of the operating system, the only way consumers can get receive it back for iMessage is by totally wiping and restoring the OS.

We anticipate Apple to launch out a small update shortly. Seeing at the last records, the Cupertino-located tech company is fast with transporting fixes as it takes only a few days for them.

For those who are not aware, Apple Pay Cash function operates via Siri or with the iMessage app. Users will not require to download an individual app for this.

How to send cash in iMessage:

  • Open the app, begin a new chat or click on a current one.
  • Click on the default icon of App Store positioned on top of the keyboard.
  • Click on the icon of Apple Pay
  • Choose the amount you require to transport suing “-” and “+” icons.
  • Click on Pay.
  • To verify the transaction, consumers can make use of TouchID, FaceID, or passcode.

Instagram Launches Stories Archive And Stories Highlights Tools

Instagram Launches Stories Archive And Stories Highlights Tools

Instagram Launches Stories Archive And Stories Highlights Tools

Two new tools have been launched by Instagram, namely, Stories Archive and Stories Highlights, for its Stories feature. With the added feature, Instagram Stories Highlights, the users will be enabled create highlights from their shared Stories. Now, stories will be saved automatically into a personal Stories Archive that can be accessed by users anytime. Also, individuals can group stories they have shared earlier into highlights and present them on their profile.

The Stories Highlights will surface in a new segment on the profile of the user beneath their bio. To produce a highlight, the users require hitting on the circle “New” on the left. After that, individuals can select Stories they wish to archive and also pick a cover for the highlight and set a name for it as well. The highlight will emerge as a circle on the profile of the user. Upon tapping, it will play as a separate story.

In a blog post, Instagram said, “Story Highlights enables you to display every side of your individuality, and you can create highlights from simply anything you have shared in the past to your story.” It is possible to make as many as highlights the users wish to. Simply click and cling to a highlight to remove or edit it.

Stories are automatically saved by Instagram Stories Archive that expires, to the archive of the user. By clicking the icon “Archive” on the profile of the user, they can access the Stories. Instagram allows the users to toggle between Stories Archive and Posts Archive from the Archive segment. Stories within the Stories Archive will be seen in a lattice with the latest stories at the foot. Individuals will spot a date pointer on the initial story from every day.

To see a story, just hit on it in the Archive. An archived story can also be added by the users to their Stories, include it to a highlight, or share it as a post. To note, the archived posts are personal to a user, and they will not be noticeable to their followers, friends on Instagram.

940 Signals Mapped To Help Traffic Cops

940 Signals Mapped To Help Traffic Cops

940 Signals Mapped To Help Traffic Cops

A month post the media reported that traffic police is talking into consideration the thought of employing Google maps for enhanced coordination, the department has made a strategy. It has made a decision to employ technology in a huge manner to lower the time of reaction in handling congestion. For this, the traffic department will provide its employees on the ground with handsets.

Almost 940 traffic signals in the capital will be saved on the map and marked as individual shortcuts, permitting the staff to get real-time information of the scenario. A cop might just require clicking on the icon allocated to him to get immediate data. “The data on Google maps related to congestion of traffic is real time and the pictures snapped via satellites display the amount of traffic. Since it employs a GPS-enabled system, the position of the streets is quite precise. Hence, we have made a decision to employ this application to help us in management of traffic,” claimed special commissioner for traffic, Dependra Pathak, to the media in an interview.

The service creates a live map of traffic by evaluating the speed of consumers travelling on a specific road. A blue color on the map will show smooth flow of traffic; yellow will symbolize minor congestion while a major situation of traffic will be symbolized in red.

The department lately rolled out a pilot scheme where traffic data via Google Maps’ screenshots were shared via a WhatsApp group. “Originally, 10 corridors were verified from the 28 A-class arteries for monitoring of traffic in the city in October. The proposal has been extended to other main corridors, where they will be saved and marked on the map,” claimed Pathak. The region traffic staff will then be allowed to keep a real-time eye on the scenario as well as manage the traffic.

Now Twitter Permits Two-Factor Verification Through Third-Party Apps

Now Twitter Permits Two-Factor Verification Through Third-Party Apps

Now Twitter Permits Two-Factor Verification Through Third-Party Apps

Now Twitter is enabling 2-step verification through third-party applications such as Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator, Authy, and other. For users who have facilitated 2-factor verification for Twitter, earlier the service permitted login only through a 6-digit code sent to the mobile number of the user through SMS.

Carrying out 2-factor verification basically indicates the users will require to input a code created through linked third-party application or sent through an SMS, apart from the password, to get access to the platform. The technique is safer as third-party applications such as Google Authenticator refresh the codes following every 30 seconds or so. Certainly, third-party verification applications still need a phone number that is linked to a Twitter account in order to recover that account.

In a tweet, Twitter Safety said, “We are rolling out an upgrade to login authentication. Now, you will be capable of using a third-party application for 2-factor verification in preference to SMS text messages.” After setting up, the 2-factor verification is required while logging into Twitter for iOS,,, or Twitter for Android.

In order to set-up the 2-factor verification through a third-party application, initially you need to download authenticator preference on your device. Tap on profile icon of the Twitter account and then tap “Settings and privacy.” Further, hit the tab “Accounts.” Next, the users will require to hit on the button “Review your login verification methods” in the menu “Security.”

Twitter users can input their password, tap on “Confirm,” and subsequently select “Set up.” Hit on Start, put in the password, and tap “Verify.” The platform will present a pop-up showing a QR code that the users will require to scan to install the third-party authenticator application. The users will then spot a 6-digit numeric security code that should be inserted in the text field, “Security code” in the pop-up window. To finish, tap “Done” to complete the set-up.

Music App Shazam Rolls New Function For iPad And iPhone Consumers

Music App Shazam Rolls New Function For iPad And iPhone Consumers

Just days post it was obtained by technology major Apple, the popular music application Shazam has included offline mode for iPad and iPhone consumers. The new function permits iOS consumers to save snippets of song even when their iPads or iPhones are not online. The app identifies automatically the songs once the gadgets are online again. The update comes with 11.6.0 as version of the iOS application.

Here is the release notes for variants that adds offline mode:

Keep Shazaming, even when you’re offline! Next time the music’s on but the WiFi isn’t, simply tap the big blue button and we’ll name that song as soon as you’re back online. Now we’ll notify you immediately, even if you don’t have the Shazam app open. Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.

Apple obtained Shazam, the music-recognition app, previously this month. Although the firm did not reveal the value of the agreement, on the other hand, a report on a website capitalized the acquirement at $400 Million. This makes it second largest acquirement of Apple in the music sector. In May 2014, the firm had obtained Beats Electronics and Beats Music in an agreement approximately with a price tag of $2.6 billion.

It is still unknown how the app of Shazam will develop below Apple. Experts are not certain about the long-terms plans of the company concerning Shazam and also if the application will carryon to stay independent. The technology of Shazam is already incorporated into Siri, the voice assistant of Apple.

The music app of Shazam also has features of augmented reality and image recognition, which experts feel Apple might additional leverage into it its future AR hardware and Siri.

Microsoft Eliminates Google’s Chrome From Its Store

Microsoft Eliminates Google’s Chrome From Its Store

A couple of days post confirmation from Microsoft that Apple iTunes will be arriving in 2018 to its Store, Google has transported its browser app of Chrome in the Windows Store. On the other hand, what was astonishing was that the search behemoth bundled the app for Windows 10 that automatically opened the download page of Chrome. This indicates that when a consumer of Windows 10 downloaded the app of Chrome onto the desktop, it took the user to the page for downloading the app of Chrome.

Afterwards, as posted by the website The Verge, Microsoft eliminated the app of Chrome from the Microsoft Store, claiming that it breached their rules. “We have eliminated the app of Google Chrome Installer from Microsoft Store, as it breaches our policies of Microsoft Store,” claimed the spokesperson of the company to The Verge. “We greet Google to make a browser app compatible with Microsoft Store and compliant with our policies of Microsoft Store.”

It is claimed that Google is doubtful to bring a complete-fledged application in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. This is due to the fact that the Store applications employ JavaScript and HTML engines offered by Microsoft itself. On the other hand, Google in its Chrome employs its own Blink interpretation engine.

In addition to this, a couple of days back, Microsoft declared that users of Windows 10 might have to stay for some more period to get Apple iTunes. “It has been time that we are operating with Microsoft to give the complete experience of iTunes to our users and we require a bit of more time to get it correct,” claimed a spokesperson of Apple to the media through an emailed statement.

Neither of the two tech behemoths have verified precisely when iTunes will be arriving to Microsoft Store. The absence of iTunes from the Microsoft will leave users of Windows 10 restricted to apps in the Store.

Apple To Purchase Music Recognizing App Shazam

Apple To Purchase Music Recognizing App Shazam

Apple is in discussions to purchase Shazam, the popular song recognition app, since the tech behemoth attempts to vie with Spotify, the streaming leader. This data was reported by the local technology news site last week. The technology news site, quoting unidentified people, claimed that the deal might be declared this week with financial conditions not yet obvious. A spokesperson for Apple refused to answer to the media.

Since its establishment in 1999, Shazam has provided a high-tech solution to longtime agony of the listeners over not distinguishing music in bars or on the radio, permitting consumers recognize songs via microphones of their phones. Shazam, which is situated in London, last year claimed that it had crossed the milestone of 1 Billion downloads on handsets.

But it only lately began to see productivity by slotting in ads and joining hands up with other tech companies comprising Apple and Spotify, to which it refers traffic. It might stay to be witnessed how Apple might incorporate Shazam, which also encounters contestants such as SoundHound. Apple, which previously with iTunes transformed online music, in 2015 rolled out Apple Music as the industry shifts to streaming, which provides limitless on-demand service and listening.

In September, Apple claimed that the facility had more than 30 Million users. This is a quick rise but still behind of industry dominator Spotify, which claimed that it had 80 Million users on its free tier and 60 Million more paying consumers as of July. This data was given by the sources to the media in an interview with the sole condition to being unnamed. Stockholm-located Spotify previously last week declared that it and Tencent were taking minority shares in each other. This is an expected sign of growth ambitions of Spotify in the most populous nation of the world, where it is not yet there.

Few Hours After Its Release, Google Chrome Installer App Was Pulled Off From Microsoft Store

It was a bit surprise for Windows users when the Chrome Installer app was released on the Microsoft Store by Google. However, Microsoft did not allow the list last too long and pulled off the application immediately hours after its roll out. Microsoft, in a statement, mentioned breach of its store policies as the cause for pulling off the Chrome Installer application.

The application had only provided a readdress to the Chrome browser’s download link, on the website of Google. The complete browser is not accessible for download from the Store of Microsoft, ruining stuff for the users of Windows 10 S who are restricted to simply the Microsoft Store for installation of the application.

Google Chrome Installer App

A spokesperson for Microsoft, in a statement, clarified the judgment to take away the application from the Microsoft Store. He said, “We have pulled off the Google Chrome Installer Application from the Microsoft Store, because it defies our Microsoft Store rules,” mentioning that applications should “offer distinct and unique value,” and that the company hails “Google to develop a Microsoft Store browser application acquiescent with our Microsoft Store regulations.”

Google Chrome is rooted in the Blink rendering engine of Google, whereas the browser applications on the Microsoft Store should make use of JavaScript and HTML engines presented by Windows 10. Not many Windows 10-based machines operate on Windows 10 S, rendering Google less motive to design a separate application for the Microsoft Store.

It is being considered that a new Chrome Installer application has been issued by Google in an attempt to take on counterfeit third-party applications that impersonate the Chrome browser on the Store. Since long, Google and Microsoft have been combating the browser war. Last year, in August, Windows 10 had asked users to drop Google Chrome and shift to Edge.

Microsoft, this year, in April, had asserted that Edge browser provides over 2 Hours more battery life compared to Google Chrome.